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Solutions for Tired & Slacking Skin!

Posted by Essentials Skin and Wellness Center on June 22, 2017 at 4:45 PM

What can we do when we wake up and our skin lacks that luster.  We look tired and dull yet we have slept a full 8hrs!  To address the way our skin appears in the AM we must visit what we do or do not do in the PM.  

We have all heard that our skin and body goes into repair at night.  While we "rest", our bodies are busy.  Our cells repair and rebuild at all of our stages of sleep.  Although, they do their best work at repairing cellular damage during REM sleep.  Not gettting that deep rest?  Well that can be the start of our problem.  

Lacking rest can do a number on our skin.  Especially our face.  From dark, puffy eyes to thinning skin, even increased discoloration!  But what about slacking loose skin?  Does our nighttime activity play an important roll in how much our skin can sag? When we get adiquate sleep, our cortisol (our stress hormone) drops, and melatonine (our sleep hormone) levels raise.  Since cortisol is a cause of much havoc like inflammation and free radical damage and melatonine actually acts like an antioxidant to stimulate and support cellular repair, I would say that's a good step in the right direction!

I guess there is something to the old addage "Beauty Sleep".  Are there any ways we can support our bodies efforts?  I'm glad you asked!  There are definately some steps to help us fight the aging process while we sleep.

Fist, it has been recommended that we have a bed time routine.  Turn off our tv and step away from the phone 20-30 minutes before you lay down. Wether you like to read or listen to relaxing music while sipping tea, find something you like to do that centers you from the days events.  Then head to the bathroom sink because there are a few things you need to include in your routine to boost that anti-aging and repair in your skin so you wake refreshed and with improved skin then when you went to bed.


  1. After cleansing with a cleanser that is made for your skin type and doesn't strip your skin, follow with a hydrating toner like YonKa's Lotion PS or PG if you have oily skin.  Hydration is imperative to carry and prep your skin to receive important nutrients from our serums and cremes.  
  2. While your skin is still moist, it's important to choose a serum or booster that focuses on a skin condition you want to address.  Discoloration? Try one with melanin inhibitors.  Dullness?  Something with hyolaronic acid is great.  Acne? Lets choose one that has lactic acid and sulfer.  Accelorated aging issues?  We can address that with a serum that energizes cell energy.  Serums and boosters are where we target concerns and issues. 
  3. Lastly, follow up with a moisturizer to feed your skin with anti-oxidants, herbs and vitamins.  We want to feed your skin while you sleep and give it the nutrients it needs to repair.  Since we have been addressling slackin and sagging skin, try a moisturizer that is geared to building strong ellastin or collagen.  Ingredients like Imortality Herb, Vitamin A & Co-enzyme Q10 all work together to firm and re-energize your skin.
  4. Don't forget your eyes and neck!  Eye creams with Rosemary will target those dark circles and puffiness while extending your products into your declote region will go a long way where are neck is concerned.


I want to add one last tip.  Exfoliate!!  When we exfoliate with a gommage or gentle scrub, we not only stimulate circulation and get that blood flow to our skin tissue.  It also creates a small wound response which stimulates cell renewal.  Not to mention the smoothing and brightening effect it has.  With all the goodness you are about to apply, lets not apply it on old dead shingles on a roof.  

It is so important to invest on good home product.  It doesn't have to be confusing and if you choose to consult a professional trained in skin repair, we can make sure you invest in products that you need, will work with your skin type and that will get results.  No reason to shoot in the dark.  

With consistency and good efforsts, you WILL see a change in your skin and you CAN obtain that radient plump complexion we all desire.

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