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Essentials Team Members

Rebekah McCabe- Licensed Clinical Esthetician & Owner

Rebekah has been an LE for 23yrs.  Bringing years of training and experience, Rebekah strives to not only deliver results but treat your skin through whole health mentality and non invasive techniques.  She believes in gently coursing your skin into a state of health, not assault it.

My name is Christine Getz and I am a registered nurse with experience in acute, long term, emergent, obstetrical, and operative care.  I have a passion for helping others in becoming healthy and the being their best versions of themselves.  I am always learning and believe in the importance of providing holistic care so that we can all achieve and maintain our health goals.  I believe in the importance of maintaining a current and cutting edge practice in order to achieve the best possible results and living out lives to the fullest.  I am excited to begin a new endeavor with Essentials Skin & Wellness and even more excited to bring the most cutting edge & high demand cosmetic and health procedures to the Moses Lake area.  I have always been drawn to the cosmetic area of healthcare and I believe it to be a huge part of one’s self-esteem and confidence.  Science is proving that the cosmetic industry is becoming more and more an integral and necessary part of our overall health & well-being.  I can’t wait to help you address any health and fitness concerns that you may have.  We will work together to bring cutting edge technology and healthcare so that you can become your best you!

Kristina Smith LMP #MA00021879


Kristina Smith has been partnering with Essentials Skin & Wellness for over 6 years.  She has a loyal clientele who love her own mix of deep tissue and therapeutic massage techniques.  Understanding that the entire body is connected, Kristina will make sure not just one concern is addressed.