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New Essential White Treatment!

The new Yon-Ka beauty program for even and radiant skin is here!!!  

All of us at one time or the other have had to deal with skin imbalances and discolorations.  Whether is is from sun damage, hormone fluctuations or acne, spots just show up!  The frustrating thing is that the location and process of the hyper-pigmentation makes it difficult, and often frustrating process to treat.  Many products and treatments treat the skin harshly trying to remove these discolorations harshly and without 
Combining the strength of nature and the latest advancements in scientific research, Yon-Ka formulated Essential White, a complete skin care regime of brightening and anti-discoloration treatments to effectively combat pigment disorders regardless of their origins.

Essential White, also features effective and natural skin care products for home care and a professional spa treatment that will correct and prevent dark spots and unify and brighten the complexion. 

Essential White

3 Home Products

  • Solution Clarte
  • Creme Lumiere
  • Correcteur Cible

Series of Professional Treatments
  • 60 minute Essential White Correcting Treatment with LED & Glycolic Peel
  • 3 30 minute EWCT with LED & Glycolic treatments to be done each week for 3 weeks